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Forecast 2030: stored electricity at $0.05/kWh

Erstellt: 26. September 2014

Interview with Michael Fuhs, pv magazine

Winfried Hoffmann, a well-known figure throughout the PV world, has created a learning curve for battery storage that predicts costs will fall much faster than many experts believe. Winfried Hoffmann predicts that average energy storage costs are likely to fall by 7% per year based on current learning curves. Solarpraxis/Andreas Schlegel "Experts in their own field are often unable to imagine how fast prices can fall," Winfried Hoffmann of the consulting firm ASE told pv magazine. The former CTO of Applied Materials was one of the pioneers who, at an early stage, analyzed and employed the learning curve for solar modules which has, with hindsight, proved to be accurate. Now Hoffmann has applied the same method to the cost trend of lithium-ion battery cells - with equally amazing results, as he outlined in a presentation at this week's EU PVSEC in Amsterdam.

Download: 140926_PV_Magazine_Fuhs_LIB_Forecast_2030.pdf

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