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PVSEC Marseille - New approach for future cost and price predictions

In this paper a new cost model methodology is introduced which allows to predict future module costs and prices based on technology learning and price experience. As point of reference for the cost model the major cost parameters for producing wafers, cells and modules are analyzed for the year 2018. Similar to Price Experience Curves with characteristic Price Experience Factors...

Download: 190913_PVSEC_Marseille_10ct module price.pdf


"Effektive" PV-Preise - inklusive Batteriespeicherung

Eingeladener Vortrag beim 13. Workshop PV Modultechnik, TÜV Köln, 28./29. November 2016

Download: 161128_TÜV_Köln_Effektive_PV_Preise_inklusive_Batteriespeicherung.pdf


Quo vadis PV - International Roadmap, Market Development & Support Policy for PV

Invited presentation at the 8th International Workshop on Crystalline Silicon for Solar Cells - CSSC-8 in Bamberg, 6th – 8th of May, 2015

Download: 150506_CSSC_Bamberg_Quo_vadis_PV.pdf


Kostendeckende Einspeise Vergütung (KEV) in Deutschland

Eingeladener Vortrag in Burgdorf (Schweiz) am 21. November 2014: "25 Jahre KEV" - eine Idee geht um die Welt

Download: 141121_Burgdorf.pdf


Perspektiven der Photovoltaik

Beitrag in "Physik Journal", 13 (2014), Nr.2

Eine vollständige Versorgung mit erneuerbaren Energien war bis vor wenigen Jahren für die allermeisten unvorstellbar. Doch in nur einer Dekade sind die Kosten der Umwandlung von Wind- und Sonnenenergie in Strom (die Gestehungskosten) aufgrund der technologischen Entwicklung und der zunehmenden Massenfertigung deutlich gesunken und vergleichbar zu konventionellen Kraftwerken. Angesichts des weiteren Potenzials für Kostensenkungen ist zu erwarten, dass die regionale und dezentrale Stromversorgung mit erneuerbaren Energien in Verbindung mit Speichertechnologien schnell voranschreiten wird.

Download: 140118_physik_jour.pdf


EU Perspectives on PV Markets & Industry

Invited talk as EPIA president at 3rd PV Rollout Conference, Atlanta, February 26th, 2013

Download: 130226_PV_Rollout_Atlanta_EU_perspectives_on_markets_and_industry.pdf


Connecting the Sun: Solar Photovoltaics on the Road to large scale grid integration

Invited talk as EPIA president at 3rd PV Rollout Conference, Atlanta, February 26th, 2013

Download: 130226_PV_Rollout_Atlanta_Connecting_the_sun.pdf


Photovoltaics (PV) value creation in Europe

Paper in proceedings of PVSEC 2012

Download: 120928_PVSEC_Value_chain_paper.pdf


Thin Films in Photovoltaics: Contribution to a Future Mainstream Electricity Provider

Invited key-note lecture at the Annual Meeting of the "Society Vacuum Coaters" in Chicago, April 18th, 2011

Download: 110418_SVC_Thin_films_in_PV.pdf


Differentiated Price Experience Curves as evaluation tool for judging the further development of crystalline silicon and thin film PV solar electricity products

Paper published in proceedings of PVSEC 2009 in Hamburg

Decades of research have demonstrated how several industries related to PV solar – semiconductors and flat panel displays, among others – have generated steady and predictable declines in the “price experience curve” (PEC) and Price Experience Factor (PEF). This paper analyzes factors that apply to PV solar in order to project expected cost and price declines from the present towards 2020. Thin film technology offers a somewhat greater potential decline of module cost and price compared to crystalline silicon technology, due to its technological similarity to flat panel displays and the cost-cutting potential of large-area substrates. However, the higher efficiency of c-Si PV modules may offset that advantage when overall system cost and price is considered. Ultimately, the decline for both cost curves should prove to be quite significant and therefore enable increased and widespread adoption of PV technology for a variety of applications.

Download: 090921_PVSEC_Hamburg_Differentiated_PEC.pdf

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